December, 2005

Newsletter 23.12.2005

"Communication does not connect us, it divides us", I remembered Jan Ritsema say when recently - in a CIA prison behind the Niagara Falls - overhearing Pier Paolo Pasolini, Martha Graham and Josephine Baker in fat discourse on effortless ways of a stylish life after death; and joyfully distracted the guards with a 5-hour-Jan-Fabre-performance video and escaped. (Instead of wondering, like you, why precisely these three fellows should be tortured in the first place). (Here just remember another Ritsema: "Aestetics are always ideological").

Out of there, I had the pleasure to attend Barbara Kraus' most recent 3-hour-performance ("Unsettled circumstances"), and thus to see AIDS, agriculture, unemployment, sitting bones with legs and The Who coexist as if that's what they always did, anyway. Chapeau.

Several hats of respect and congratulations need also to be drawn in light of the achievements of Mihai Mihalcea and generally the young contemporary dance scene of Romania: after almost 2 years of constant action against conservatism and nepotism they democratically won the directorship of the newly founded Dance Center Bucharest! For details see

Not in Bucharest, but under said link and in Linz, also the cheer leaders of Superamas' latest creation are waving invitingly: to welcome you to the Choreographic Platform Austria 2006. There, more than 10 Austrian artists will grace your life with various motions in adddition to waving.

And just as if dance actually was pop, Viviane de Muynck and her band "Needcompany" ( swings away in the current video of the week at's Arts & Media, "Isabella's Room". Indulge and then see it live wherever you can!

Whereby it should in no way be left unsaid, that horses are vastly suffering under the nearly exclusive attention for their nordic relatives with the so unhandy horns, these days. Shame, says I, and dedicate this equally exclusive link to the former. An horsage, so to say.

This totally unbeing a forum for the plain sentimentalist, here's no salutes to the still role model school for contemporary dance, P.A.R.T.S., which just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Brussels with studio performances and parties, but simply best wishes for openness, curiosity and funds in the next 10 years.

In fact, young choreographers are dancing them holidays aways: performances by Kate McIntosh, Carlos Pez and Anna Huber among others are on while you are sitting here ... see more on

Other than that, stay lush & adorable!


P.S.: "danceWEB felt like a years’ worth of information, emotion and excitement crammed into 5 weeks." Says danceWEBber05, Alexandra Baybutt (UK). Applications for danceWEB06 can be found here:

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