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September, 2005

Newsletter 10.09.2005

"Westerns, in fact, are those films, where people are missing their lives, the women are waiting and the men are roaming around and eventually it is too late."
(Wim Wenders)

An impressive intro, yes. If it'd be autumn, already. But it isn't. It's late summer. And the latter impresses with its evening light just as much as it does with Palais Donaustadt ( Picture dead smart performance theory & practise wizes inviting a few dead brilliant dancers in order to do some dead expansive space research on a dead vast concrete construction area together with a bunch of dead hip & able electronic musicians, dead fanciful reflectionists as well as a few miles of dead stunning film footage, one September long. No cover charge. What a generous and prescious way to turn arts funding into arts & leisure! Dead hedonistic, them! knows about them, too.

Right there (see "Features"), Jan Lauwers ( is ready to kill. This may sound crude, still, I like this man - he stands up & behind things. Just like Ani di Franco ( Her poetry is crystal clear anger (and sometimes lust). She has been post-ironic before irony was even there.

"how can one talk on
the role of politics in art
when art is
(Ani di Franco - "The Interview“)

Other than that, of course Festival d'Automne in Paris, but didn't we decide that autumn can wait? So, off to Switzerland, where we can share the Öff Öff Productions performers' dream attempts of flying while lingering in beach chairs, 17 meters beyond them. To Vienna's Tanzquartier, committing to physical relationships with John Jasperse. And finally to Hamburg's "Dirty Dancing" audition, catching up with that old dream. has the details.

But certainly seeing "Bliss Like This" with Ani:

"I said Venice
you heard Vegas
now I say either way
baby let's go!"



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