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July, 2005

Newsletter 25.07.2005

"Rain is romantic, but hail isn‘t.
Trains are romantic, planes aren‘t.
Why is that?"

Big questions, no doubt about. Addressed by Meg Stuart and Peter Stamer "AT HOME" last Friday. During this agitatedly-cosy apartment talk, also ghosts, chicken filets, solitude and other refreshingly practical issues lingering betweenst a dramaturg and a choreographer have been worded. AT HOME tonight, 11pm: Benoît Lachambre.

"There is no adventure!
There is no romance!
There is only trouble
and desire."

That's how Hal Hartley had commented the above subject already back in the roarin' 90s. ImPulsTanz , instead, is all Attwenger (, who - in one of their recent charming concerts - were claiming with their own sweet bluntness: "I'd like to have a little more of everything."
Alas add-ons: Ann Liv Young, Needcompany, Sri Louise, Ismael Ivo, Otto Lechner Trio ... all in all a pretty treatish list of extra opportunities regarding Performing Arts Formerly Known As Sold Out (PAFKASO). And to be investigated in detail at

And there, where DJ's DD Kern ( and Rainer Klang ( turn tables this week; where Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker ( consumed orange juice and was consumed by a burning Nepal desire last week; where the impresario ponders and where the danceWEBber tangoes - there settle down: the ImPulsTanz festival lounge.

All these beautiful, pleasurable people everywhere, though, and this ongoing innovation bomb of contemporary dance ... unbearable, by and by, no? Thus the bliss of "Mr. & Ms. Smith". Or Joanna Newsom ( Certainly night swimming & shoe shopping.

lush living all over you



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