July, 2005

Newsletter 14.07.2005


Ok, get rolling, ImPulsTanz 2005. But you, let me briefly keep you to kneel down and indulge together in the light of the following:

"... a bloodful, pliantly pulsing physicality capturing a rhythm, which - within all its physicality - is again that spiritual so that to prevent you - deeply shaken - from perceiving the tragic dualism of body and mind present everywhere; so that you see a disbandment, a harmony, a primordial return to the blissfully unitarily creator state."

Clasped silence, totally, isn't it? Rightly so. And this is just the excerpt of a review from the 40s, remembered by Gunhild Oberzaucher-Schüller in her text "Nobility, vibrating from and with music" in tanzjournal 2/05 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of - as Mary Wigman said - the "aristocrat of dance", Rosalia Chladek. More (though in German) at, all, however, on July 24 at Akademietheater

"Holy Mary but this will be fun. The disco is soooo open!" (Mårten Spångberg, visibly touched, but sufficiently composed to crispily grasping the emotion.)

Talking about sensations: if you just happen to be a rather excellent dancer and yet still sort of pondering about what the hell to do between 2006 and 2008 ... La La La Human Steps is looking for you: has the details on Edouard Lock's audition in Vienna.

But not only the latter's work often appears on TV, no, also the one of Filmwerkstatt Wien ( Take "Passion Tanz", for instance, her documentary on three danceWEB scholarship holders at ImPulsTanz 2004, broadcasted coming Saturday, July 16 on 3sat. Yep, there'll be laughter and tears, just like in real life. Or like at a concert of Antony & The Johnsons ( Yikes, this voice is utterly beautiful and sad! If I weren't Juice already, I'd melt on the spot. I am telling you - SUCH sadness, SUCH beauty! Subcutaneously poignantest. Today in Ferrara. I'll be there!

And equally so at the Burgtheater Vienna. After all, the Paris Opera Ballet is spending their national holiday there dancing. While Jérôme Bel is keeping a hearty eye on them.

Alors, ImPulsTanz 2005 - shake them legs!



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