February, 2005

Newsletter 20.01.2005

Just so you don't remain with the impression, all there was happening recently was W's inauguration, Airbus A380's birthday and other way too mighty boy's games, here some reminders:

HipHop turns 30.
Susan Sontag is dead.
M is single now since 100 days.

HipHop ist 30! And - just like in real life - someone entirely else than when it was born. Via George Clinton ("Without the humps there ain't no getting over") (M should get to know that). Via graffiti. And in our case via Storm (, Franck II Louise (, Rennie Harris ( and many more Bboys and girls. To that obnoxiouslylotsofmoneyforridiculouslyfewfolks thing we know so well from other Western developments.,tate,59766,2.html has a couple of opinions.

"Art is not ABOUT something, it IS something. A work of art is PART of the world, not just a text ON the world." So said the Sontag. The radically fair humanist. The highly decorated and highly reflected author/essayist. The "world's biggest specialist in German studies who does not speak German". ( On her own website she is still alive. Somehow soothing.

Oh yes, dance! Benoît Lachambre/Meg Stuart/Hahn Rowe did it. Gave us the most beautidul dance performance. Poetry, vulnerability, power struggles, identity crisis, intimacy, animality & wit - all that in 90 so unspectacular while totally touching minutes ( So go to Paris, Gent, Antwerp, Zurich, Bordeaux, Berlin, you!

And before, come to Vienna, because here, too, loads of emo, even more humour, at "Frans Poelstra, his dramaturg and Bach" (January 25/27/28), "Upon having reached a certain age, a choreographer can't escape the work of Johann Sebastian Bach", states Poelstra, only to then - as Jeroen Peeters/de Morgen puts it - quote Bach's Goldberg-Variationen merely as an "excuse for a refreshing view on the phenomenon 'dance-insanity-fun'". Said reviewer left the theatre "with a leap of joy" - don't you hold back to let the same thing happen to you.

Also elsewhere people are hopping as if there ain't no tomorrow - the ImPulsTanz Event Database has the details and furtheron fancies new search features.

Meanwhile Mae West on searching: "I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it."

Replies Sister Mary Oliver, all concerned: "The evil prospers in humid places.“

"Maybe the sky is green and we are just color-blind"; Bart Simpson humbly attempts to mediate.


P.S.: also the most gorgeous application periods once end: danceWEB05 application deadline: January 31, 2005!


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