October, 2004

Newsletter 29.10.2004

You may have guessed along with my friend Sara (Sweet Rabidoux;, that I was "probably face down in my museli after staying up all night watching olympic badminton" but wrong. Open-mouthed I was following the fashion summit Jelinek-Ford:

Elfriede Jelinek (Nobel Prize Award for Literature 2004): "I am putting on clothes due to the lack of an own life."

Tom Ford (Fashion Designer): "Man, if a new pair of shoes excites you, it excites you! Fashion is reality."

Elfriede Jelinek‘s "The Pianist" and many more fiction books and plays:
Tom Ford‘s "Tom Ford":

Meanwhile, I could whine about the death of Jaques "Philosophing Means Learning To Die" Derrida but that would be pretentious. And after all, dance philosophy still has Roland Barthes (at least in Jérôme Bel's company name) (check out the latter's new production dates on ImPulsTanz's Event Database).

Another ongoing pearl at its FEATURES, this time around discretely hiding the vivid discussion about the „confessionals“ and other continental dance obscenities under the heading „UK on the move“. Also featured: Not even a game anymore - the wordability of Foced Entertainment. And Nottingam‘s NOW Festival.

Wordy, too: the darling international contact improvisation meeting "Rendezvous à Vienne" (, its part II headlining under the TAP (The Artistic Paxton) quote „Newton ignored what it feels like to be the apple"

The Political Paxton, instead, has been into e-mail politicization for a few years now, collecting and distributing alternative news on US/power politics. It breaks my virtual heart that manipulated voting machines may contribute to a devastating November 2, 2004, so may the Contact Improvisation idol also inspire as a political alertness idol!

Alternative Dance News - voilà: . But while they are already announcing winter activities, remember it is still autumn and always keep the juices afloat!



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