March, 2004

Newsletter 30.03.2004


In the meantime, Jerôme Bel, the danceless choreographer, the Steve Paxton of conceptual dance and Théâtre de la Ville's darling DJ, publicly (in an amusing-intelligent lecture in Vienna, Tanzquartier) committed to his startledness about the total absence of remixing in contemporary dance, and thus elegantly and with ease confirms his status as one of the major innovators of this art form, which again is often referred to by music and theatre representatives as the most progressive one of the performing arts. Highly reflexive, all that. And as rich as any Coppa Mascarpone at that ice cream parlour down the block.

And while Gideon Obarzanek (AUS,, Guido Reimitz (A, ex-ImPulsTanz/danceWEB), Calisto Tanzi (I, ex-Parmalat) and Portishead ( join voices with the sabbatical choir, Jochen Ulrich and Cirque de Soleil are looking for dancers for their relevant ensemble, Meredith Monk for participants in her workshop, the Biennale di Venezia for projects 2005 and Gates Bill (1981: "640K ought to be enough for anybody.") still for PC world supremacy.
Ongoingly amazing details thereof can be detected both in the News section as well as in the Event Database of, mhm.

She who takes a closer look will realize that it is not Akram ( who is feverishly working on his burnout this year, but Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (, (Sometimes, when looking at his schedule, you get this creepy feeling that he, like me, is at several places at the same time). Anyway, should he finally puke his organs out from all the restlessness, one may proclaim that this is not what Gilles Deleuze and I were referring to when talking about the anorganic body!

And would the young man of today cut down only 10% of commercial downloading of ringtones (,1518,290712-2,00.html) and dedicate the thus saved USD 350.000.000,- to dance, we could easily establish a neat dance education in Vienna, finally pay all them dancers in the USA at least some salary and crowd all Eastern Europe with choreographic centres.

April 1, however, is not only a funny one, but also a good one. Precisely because it marks the online release of all workshop dates and names gracing ImPulsTanz 2004. Check approximately here: ... mais oui.

After all: the snow is only deceiving – it really is spring now!



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