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January, 2004

Newsletter 19.01.2004

So, some questions:

Mystically transfigured site, where natives honour their idols by smoking exclusively outdoors?

Structure fancying an extraordinarily philosophical traffic grid (a cab driver, calling upon Sartre: "Le paradis, c'est l'autre!")?

Political entity only accessible for foreigners if they writtenly deny any desire to engage in immoral activities?

Correct, New York.

New York, home not only to 24 hour ice skating opportunities (, but also to loads of dance activities (I don't know about their morality status, but it's certainly dancedance we are talking about here. In case you were wondering). With more than 200 short and shortest presentations of regional dance creations, their APAP Conference ( thus kicked off an array of national dance platforms - i.e. dance fairs, from insiders, for insiders. And successfully prooved that you don't have to be loved in order to be successful (both artists and presenters were nagging the arts ignoble conditions and yet served them). "There's other ways!", say:

Austria: Jan 21-25, Salzburg,
Great Britain: Jan 29-31, Cambridge,
Germany: Feb 4-8, Düsseldorf,
Australia: Feb 23-27, Adelaide,

Details & Links on ImPulsTanz's Event Database:

Feliz arts procurement!

Talking about whining while involving: Vienna.

Vienna, home not only to New Year's Concert musicians (, but to dance performances just as well: After it just saw the world premiere of "Salle d'Attentes" by Vienna & Paris based Israeli choreographer Loulou Omer (, the Dance Roads will be layed by the Danube (, Philipp Gehmacher is sharing with Raimung Hoghe ( and of course Ryan Adams will chant & enchant ( So don't you underestimate Vienna, you. Only a 3 hour bikeride away from up and coming EU member states, after all. And most prominently home to the worldwide feature, now boasting full-text search regarding all texts lying within (i.e. Features, News, workshop descriptions, performance texts etc. - e.g. 43 entries on "Zambrano"). Finally some order at home!..

Super you.



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