December, 2003

Newsletter 23.12.2003

"Let your tongue travel" (Häagen-Dazs)

Not quite a seasonal motto. Associatively inspiring, though. And after all, firing your imagination is as close to the ultimate gift as it can get.

This weekend of mine was blissed with such emotion:

Ultima Vez' "Sonic Boom" in Hasselt
Damaged Goods' "Visitors Only" in Berlin
Wong Kar-Wei‘s "In the mood for Love" in Beirut
Ani di Franco in concert on my stereo

While embarking from entirely different shores they provide a rich yet generous imagery all the way and still leaving you plenty of space for your own phantasy to go wild. Hallelujah.

Generously as well, is giving away hints for how to treat yourself over the winter physically. As the body includes the head, this Feature includes dance issues such as "The Aesthetics of Vulnerability" or "Persons in clothes of poetry".
Meanwhile in the Event Database ( a Workshop by Felix Ruckert, a TV appearance by Anna Huber, a New Delhi performance by Akram Khan and several P.A.R.T.S. audition dates. Among 500 other announcements.

And while The Return of The Dance Dance seems to be widely agreed upon by the dance gossip, its reincarnation appearance is still heavily discussed. Kylie Minogue? Japan‘s grooving shaking robots? The protagonists of "Finding Nemo"?. We remain shaking with suspense.

As this is the period they call contemplative out there, further questions include:

How will it feel to grow old in your country?
How to describe the flavour of coming home?
Is faith a country with borderlines or a river with a source and an estuary?
Is the desire for eternal love eternal despite of reality?
How to make love stay?
Does e-mail bonding stay afloat when swimming on real love waters?
And the ultimate questions: Aragorn or Sauron, sausage or cheese?

Douglas Adams, Tom Robbins ( and Britta ( may provide some answers - the remaining ones will hopefully ensure that your bodily functionsover the holidays will not be restrained to your stomach only ... juicy 25 & 31!



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