July, 2003

Newsletter 24.07.2003

„Were you able to decipher a climax?
Have the parts been simple enough, not too long and complex?
Was the material imaginative?
Is the seating organization appropriate?
Is our posture relaxed enough?
Do we apply enough supporting gestures?“

(from „A number of classics in the age of performance“ by Alice Chauchat & Vera Knolle)

That was yesterday. Yesterday is a considerably famous pop song but an equally considerably anachronistic start for a NEWS letter.

But: as so often, yesterday reaches into tomorrow. And yesterday the 2003 edition of 8:tension went into action (female action, that is: Mette Ingvartsen, Saskia Hölbling and Alice Chauchat & Vera Knolle were the young choreographers on opening night). So from now on until August 8, the stages of Schauspielhaus Wien and Odeon will be hosts of contemporary statements, challenging proposals, touching art; 8 choreographers will enrich the festival with their work and persona for the entire time of 8:tension. Words and facts at, impressions and deeds live in Vienna!

That much to Thursday. And the power of yesterday.

Today is Friday and the youngsters around Vanessa Andrada will share what they learned in their „Kid‘z Groove“ workshop this week (Arsenal, 3:30pm). Today is Friday and Nita Little and Kerstin Kussmaul will host a contact jam (Studio Z, 5:30pm). Today is Friday and thus generally a good day to watch workshops at the Arsenal: all moves are a lot smoother on the last day of a course. Get an overview at

Saturday? Saturday is off. Go swimming. Or to Schauspielhaus, in case you missed the 8:tension opening yesterday. Or online to check out "A Stranger's Notebook" - memos, thoughts, reflections of Polish journalist Joanna Lesnierowska, in residence at ImPulsTanz 2003, who is inspiring and thought-provoking its readers on

Sunday brunches, at S-Bar, ImPulsTanz‘s festival centre: Milk & Honey & DJs for alle workshop participants, ImPulsDancers and aficionados. All laidback and loungy as they say. Something for us, as I say.
Something for the eye finally on the evening of said Sunday: Khan Akram‘s „Rush“ und der Meerle Saarva & Krõõt Juurak‘s „camouflage“ will be screened at Schauspielhaus. Blending from Brunch to Film Night seems obvious.



P.S.: And indeed, kunsthalle lounge (at MuseumsQuartier Vienna) is the only genuine remedy when suffering from wetness and sultriness in life. Coincidently, the pseudo performance "héâtre - élévision" is happening right there, but that‘s no bummer at all not.


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