July, 2003

Newsletter 01.07.2003

Bonjour, ya all.

Ever felt the craving for that one icecream you encountered at a Nevada petrol station when crossing the US with a used Chevy and then considered to run the entire production and distribution for Europe of this product? Or did you ever take over Prada, just because your left shoe hurt a bit?
Boris Charmatz, anyway, felt disappointed about the dancers showing up at his auditions and thus decided to take one year off from choreographing and instead to question and research arts education in the (Western) world as a whole, together with a group of illustruous 15. "Bonjour - Bocal" said the project to ImPulsTanz when introducing itself last summer at a first rough stage, which has now been savvily refined and which will start (summer 2003) and end (summer 2004) in Vienna. Listen to Boris at
The very same creative Monsieur put up his TV installation at Vienna's Kunsthalle (project space), a thorough yet entertaining experiment on the crooked connection between contemporary dance & television, described as follows by a thus certainly not unpleasurable Mark Fisher: "I can only compare the effect - meditative, mesmerizing, absorbing - to that of being massaged."
Boris Charmatz - one to be remembered.

Miles Davis - failed entirely to remain unknown, too. "I'll play it first and tell you what it is later." he once stated coquettishly. Now, his sexy blend of funk, rock und jazz from the late 60s have inspired Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker to "Bitches Brew/Tacoma Narrows" - her latest group work digging lots of improvisation and ... hip hop. More on that at Volkstheater later this month and already now at

Among others a truely good thing about that piece is: there are still tickets left for it, you can still get in! Something, that several workshops at ImPulsTanz 2003 cannot boast with, any longer. Be sure that such a workshop is selfconscious enough to wear the "Sold Out" tag with a certain pride anytime, but to you, maybe this news is less humorous and makes you turn to, instead, checking out what goodies are still left. Whereby the dance clueless like myself are facing sunnier prospects: all them luminaries present at ImPulsTanz this summer are still welcoming us humbles to hiphop with them, to get all earthy in African Dances, to put out the first tricks of modern and contemporary dance, out there in the mighty halls of Arsenal Vienna.

Meanwhile in da Reale Worlde: The hottest June ever (at least in Central Europe). The first serious bagel store in Vienna. And remember sunrises: often condemned as cheesy, humdrum business. Instead, this sky paint art work is substantial joy, especially when seen after a night out at Heldenplatz with the dancers of the performance from the evening before. Just 10 more of those and then it FINALLY starts all over again!




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