May, 2003

Newsletter 05.05.2003

"Don?t trust any idea you have while sitting." (Friedrich Nietzsche)

While some people of public interest publicly live their disinterest (certainly conceived while sitting) in other people (Ariel "Arabs may have the oil, but we have the matches" Sharon, former CIA director James "We want them to shiver" Woolsey), otherwhere people have ants in their pants, just to come forth with something trustworthy. And behold:

"Well/come to the Club of Pleasure" - Barbara Kraus. Should you have missed this new production of hers in Vienna last month, Brussels will offer you a second chance to share joyful moments while nestling on yet another adorable set by Nadia Lauro (soon on

"Feast of Wire" - Calexico. Should you have missed their melothusmiastic concerts all over Europe this April, you may treat your ears and souls (and anything else you want to treat) again just there starting June 2003 (

"The Espionage Kit" - Chrysa Parkinson & Mark Lorimer. Sould you already enjoy the title of this dance workshop, you will be even more thrilled to meet its "parents". And then, why not also those of "Upside Down/Right Side Up", "Movements To Live By" or "The Full Moon Inside Your House".

Anyway, more on the above and lots of other pretty things, which may occur to you in Vienna this summer, on under "ImPulsTanz03". Theatres there, for instance, will aim to seduce you with the usual suspects among the performing arts themes such as

art: "Someone once said, theatre is a haven for the neurotic and narcotic - is it?" (from DV8's "The Cost of Living"),


love: "...every bit of pain you take away from me will leave a hole that must be filled with every inch of you..." (from Ultima Vez's "Blush"),

but also with mere sarcasm: "We believe that we should replace fear with nurture and caring, and horror with awe and wonder." (from Erna Ómarsdóttir's "IBM1401").

As for myself, I remain a sucker to Richard Dorfmeister & Rupert Huber's (

"That's just how we are - gentle."

Shoo! Shoo!


P.S.: Interested in hair standing from someone else's screams, raw emotion, medieval instruments played in a rock away, dancers hobbling home from rehearsals, demolishment, also in private life, the fragility of man, and most of all in the longing for something of which you know it isn't good? Then you will find yourself just at home with the interview between choreographer/dancer/filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus and composer/musician David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower, Woven Hand) featured on (


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