March, 2002

Newsletter 28.03.2002

Recently my shiatsu therapist said, that from my eyes she can tell that my kidneys are "whistling out of their last hole" as they say in German. Worn out. Basically defunct. Get a rest! she said. Later, i said. Now, she said.

Well, kidneys are not really my biggest concern, dear friend. What I AM bothered about is that my colleagues at ImPulsTanz will finally put out first bits of their programmation, so that busy humans like you can get your summer planned. After some twinkling with my specifically applied fake XL-eyelashes (and finally the threat that they gonna lose YOU) they promised to do so. Right around Easter. On Sweat pants, water bottle, imperial theatres and all. As a warmup you may also check the headlines there and thus learn more about the whereabouts of gems like Meg Stuart or David Zambrano (until summer - then they'll be at ImPulsTanz, so I heard...).

Talking about it: In an icecream contest once run together with Doug Elkins for an extended weekend, Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia tied on first place due to their politically entirely uncorrect voluptuousness. I think the USA should be cancelled from the list of rogue countries because of Ben & Jerry. Although Ben & Jerry is now owned by Unilever. You know, when I once grew up with Steve Paxton, dimensions were not that complex, yet... the Beatles were good, the Stones evil. Broadway-Jazz good, improvisation evil. Hollywood good, Film noir evil. And all evil was good. A damn easy time, this was...

Should you have time these days, easy OR heavy, check out (a pretty insane collection of dance related links (yes, scottish country style is on there, also break dance, ballet and so on). You don't have THAT much time? How about - lots of promising young choreographers from Brazil, Poland, Portugal etc, among them danceWEB alumnis. For the sleepless among you, however, the sleepless at ImPulsTanz put about 400 performances, workshops and auditions in their EventDataBase, residing on

No advise for the dance-o-phobe this time - go & see some dance! Like me, in NYC, Paris and Brussels, this weekend! Support our art form! You!

Thank you.



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