January, 2002

Newsletter 24.01.2002

„ ... In retrospect, I would say that the six weeks I spent in Vienna through danceWEB have made the biggest impact on my growth as an artist since coming to Europe. The intensity of such saturation really affected me. The chaos it created in how I sit in my skin as an artist and a human, and a human artist brought me to a place of personal consideration and contemplation. It somehow demanded that I take some time out for consolidation. In a way it really chucked a spanner in the works of what I thought I wanted out of my career. I noticed that the things I thought I was trying to find were no longer what I wanted. It suggested to me that my desires as an artist, as a person, were translucent and changing. It made me realise there are different ways to grow through experience and it helped reveal my ingrained desperation for understanding and expansion. I recognised my desire to diverge from the gypsy life (something I had been living for almost two years) for awhile. It was difficult to remove the expectation that life would continue at such a pace. I expected to fall off the rollercoaster, but the imperceivable slowing down has somehow been more subversively violent than the crash I was expecting. When I left Vienna it was as though I was floating in a numb nothingness, a warm emptiness. I felt I had checked my baggage at the border and the absence of all the recently aquired contents (knowledge, information, sensation) had left me blank. I was starting over, not out of abandonment or desperation, but with an airy freedom. Suddenly I was aware of all the possibility, no experience or past at that particular moment, just the intuition that what I knew would eventually catch up and merge with me wherever I was.“
(Gabrielle Nankivell/AU, Brussels, Winter 2001/2002)

Dear dears,

rather intensive and extensive opening, no? But appropriate, I found, as Gab so juicily highlights what a danceWEB scholarship can provide to the young professional contemporary dancer/choreographer, way beyond the free access to all ImPulsTanz events.

danceWEB 2002 - the application forms are ready for download at

Application deadline is March 15, 2002.

Possible national or international funding bodies interested in collaborating with danceWEB, please contact Johanna Ortler at anytime.

Anytime contemporary dance now! This is so true for Vienna: the local and visiting dance enthusiast is able to view performances on an almost daily basis these days. Come and enjoy: WUK (, Kosmos Frauenraum (, dietheater (, Tanzquartier Wien ( And for those who do not want to leave home yet still view dance: fancies new dance videos in its Arts & Media section!

And finally for those who need a brief break from dance: „Mulholland Drive“ keeps your mind busy for quite a while, too...

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