Workshops 2013

Workshops 2013

Daybee Dorzile aka. Daybee Dee makes a movement like a strong body stretch by stretching her upper body to the side, following the hand that is stretched out to the side (meaning her right hand, which is pointing over her head in the left direction).

Daybee Dorzile aka Daybee Dee
ADD-ON | Urban Dance Styles

© Shan Robitzky
Intensive 3, 3.8.+4.8.2013
12:30–14:45 + 17:45–20:00
Arsenal E

Urban Dance Styles

HipHop/Urban Style Mix

This workshop mirrors the diversity of a professional dance career! It is the mix of House, Waacking, Salsa, Hype, New Style and even some Jazz. It is an opportunity to get a flow within a variety of steps and moves, which is crucial for a dance career or simply an eye-catcher in the HipHop scene.

Daybee has experience in these dance styles, having shared stage with an endless amount of artists and touring with them.

Daybee Dorzile aka Daybee Dee
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