for Dance and Other Contemporary Practices
LACE#2: Mediating Touch
Hospitality, Integration, and the Interstitial

Symposium: 26–28 July 2024
Residencies: 29 July – 2 August 2024
Location: Arsenal B and B+

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On the Symposium
The curators of this symposium have always been artists, scholars, and specifically, embodied practitioners sharing an understanding that the main goal in organising this event has been to provide opportunities to engage in knowledge exchange in an embodied sense. More recently, a new line of inquiry merged with the existing one. This new line of inquiry originates with the notion and the practice of “artistic research” or “practice-based artistic research”.

Mediating Touch
In any challenging discussion that involves touching or touch, touch is frequently appointed the necessary source of all confusion. But what if touch and touching need not be the source of confusion? What if the source of confusion could emerge from the way touching and/or touch is mediated, communicated, observed?

What does hospitality, itself an example of a mediating practice, teach us about the conditions that are necessary for one to join in the experience of kinship, the experience of care, the experience of touch?

This evening opens a week of diving into practicing and researching hospitality. The symposium regards hospitality a key condition for thinking - thinking as a full body process. Isabel Lewis, this year’s mentor of DanceWEB, will open the topic followed by invitations to engage in relational and connecting practices. This is an open doors event. Be ready to move and practice.

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Engaged Beyond Just Eyes and Ears,
Negotiating Togetherness

Isabel Lewis

Chen Nadler

Hosts: Deirdre Morris und pavleheidler


A Deep Dive is a practice-based format that emphasizes relational experiencing of a body of research and/or artistic practice shared by a presenter coming from art, academia and/or activismFind the details and updates here.

Mapping Touch
Jenny Roche

The Abyss Between Our Hands
Áron Birtalan

Hospitality Lab for Forgotten Practices
Laura Hicks and Ilana Reynolds

Cartographic Echoes
Lerna Babikyan

Reclaiming Body Freedom by Opening the Language
Stéphanie Janaina

Konstantinos Tsakirelis, Rasmus Ölme, Stella Malliaraki, Vera Sander, Evita Tsakalaki, Jan Burkhardt, Cătălin Crețu, Andreea Duta, Maia Means, Max Wallmeier


A panel at the end of the day offers moderated time for reflection and integration. The Deep Dives hosts of that day participate at the panel as speakers.


Residencies are a week of in-depth exchange through the prisma of the residency host bringing in their research/examination of interest. LACE#2 offers 2 in-person residencies in Vienna and one online residency for global participation.

You Will Move Into My Depths
Áron Birtalan

Three of Cups
Stéphanie Janaina

ONISM (Online Residency)
Nea Landin


The exact timetable can be downloaded here.

Language of communication is English.
Curated by pavleheidler, Deirdre Morris, and Sylvia Scheidl


You may participate offline and online throughout the whole symposium via Zoom. The technical details for online participation will be sent to you after your registration. Registration for offline and online participation is possible as of now via email to


Pay what it’s worth to you!
In-person and online participation at the symposium:
Minimum: 50 euro
Recommended: 150 euro
Offline and online residency (symposium included): 130 euro

Your registration is only valid after we have received your participation fee.
Cancellation Policy: If you cancel your participation, we charge 50 euro cancellation fee.

Limited volunteering possible. Offline volunteering includes helping hands supporting the smooth moving of the group through the symposium, e.g., taking care of drinks and snacks, having an eye on the spaces and the inside yard, preparing the location on Friday, and finishing up on Sunday. If interested write to

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