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Time to dance and live together: Between August and October, ImPulsTanz invites you to its unique workshops in Italy. In cooperation with Artis Umbria at the Tenuta di Poggiolame estate – the newly founded dance and health retreat by ImPulsTanz teacher Kerstin Kussmaul – five internationally renowned artists will teach dance and bodywork for one week each. The retreat includes four hours of movement daily as well as a day off to discover the beautiful Umbrian landscape, go swimming, enjoy a wine tasting or simply let your soul dangle under the Italian sun. All workshops are open level.

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Glenna (G;emma) Batson (US) & Susan Sentler (UK)

Unfortunately, this workshop will be postponed to June 2024 due to scheduling reasons.

exploring the f/old: an eco-somatic voyage, a playshop
12–19 August 2023
Folding is the base of worldly engagement, a living continuum of dimension and depth. This playshop offers an immersion into bodily fold / folding as an entry into somatic / artistic practice. Rooted in improvisation, the f/old offers a sensory-rich field for sourcing – unburdened by habit or training. Glenna and Susan loosely guide the group into somatic portals and pathways to greet the unknown. Through partnering with body, nature and with other materials at hand, participants co-create from the macro- and micro-folding dynamics to uncover new edges of becoming. Free from product outcome, emergent themes will evolve into plots that stew, brew, thicken and dissolve. A multiplicity of materialities will surface and wayfind into moments of discovery and choice. Come join this divine entanglement!

Sri Louise (US)
Take me Home, Country Roads… Yoga and Line Dancing 
20–27 August 2023
Take me home: Yoga as Transcendental Somatics (morning class)
This workshop is about experimenting with the somatics of Yoga to find the transcendental being within us. We explore the sense organs in relation to asana and how the sense organs mediate the body / mind connection. We practice outdoors and allow the sky and the nature around us to stimulate a deeper sense of spacious serenity and awareness. We create a path to ourselves through asana, breath work, chanting and meditation. Pratyahara is a process that withdraws the mind away from the sense organs. Ultimately, Yoga transcends somatics and the limitations of the body / mind / sense complex.

Country Roads: Western Line Dance (evening class)
We learn all the basic footwork for country western line dance through pre-set choreography and great country music. We kick up our heels and cowboy shuffle together, in unison. We need comfortable shoes and also our favourite dancing boots. A western costume helps us to get that country groove. We think of it as Country Cosplay!

Franca Pagliassotto (IT)
Inside and outside your balance: Yoga-Ballet and Horton Technique 
16–23 September 2023
Yoga Ballet (morning class)
Yoga Ballet is a dance technique developed by Marcia Haydée, which combines Yoga, oriental disciplines and classical ballet. It is useful for stretching, balance, concentration and body energy. The positions are linked through the use of breathing techniques, stimulating the nervous system and opening energy channels. Oxygenated blood enables our body to expel toxins that help to relax muscular tensions and enhance the extension of movement. We use in depth all sections of the body, allowing us to heal our body and our mind. We focus on back mobility with the release of shoulders and neck; twisting and how it relates to detox; the hips, breathing and opening the heart chakra.

Horton Technique (evening class)
This workshop carries on the path created by Ismael Ivo: the aim of which is to allow everyone to dance, to get to know their body, to experience an infinite range of movement and to express one’s own emotions. His philosophy made everyone in the room feel like dancers, making them feel their emotions and strengthening their technique. We start with a warm-up section using the basics of the Horton Technique and continue with the work on the diagonal, stretching and a dance sequence.

Terence Lewis (IN)
Bollywood & Indian Contemporary Dance
24 September – 1 October 2023
Bollywood Dance is the essence of Indian Bollywood films that has retained the flavour of musicals. Constantly influenced by the changing trends, Bollywood Dance culture borrows from both traditional and western pop dance culture. It deals with the complexities of the traditional Kathak footwork and Mudras (hand gestures) along with some groovy folkdance moves from across the countryside. We explore the wonderful world of Abhinaya (facial expression, some may call them face contortions) and the world of Mujra – the controversial sensual dance of the tragic courtesan of the 1970s, then master the urban cool routines of the current chart busters. The music is loud and so are we. There is a dress code: anything colourful, glistening and happy.

Indo-Contemporary is the perfect meeting point of the modern-day western and ancient Indian techniques. Whilst working on our physicality, we tap into our inner self, which lies at the very core of all Indian philosophies. A systematic breakdown of the contemporary vocabulary, exploring spirals, gathering and sending and the Release Technique is coupled with ancient Indian disciplines. We borrow from Yoga, Kathak and Kalaripayattu (the ancient Indian martial art form). The Kathak Mudras (hand gestures) lend a symbolic meaning to the physical movement. With the chanting of “Om” the inner reverberations lead the movement. Hard-core movement, spirituality and an inner balance no longer have to be divided and separated. Let’s feel how the body works, how the chakras (energy centres) awake and dance in unison of body, mind and spirit!

Over the last 15 years, Terence has developed a coaching process that includes psychometric testing, journaling and spirit animals. In this retreat, he interweaves this work into dance to uncover the participants’ genuine, personal movement styles.

Shinichi Iova-Koga (CH)
Spirals in the Wild – Dao Yin, Qi Gong and Butoh Dance
16–23 October 2023
Play the line between raw, earthy stimulus and precise physical training to develop elastic, spiral relationships to the surrounding environment. Attention to micro and macro worlds refines the quality of actions and opens the field of spontaneous response. Trust the body. Expand perceptual environments. Nurture sensorial and creative responsiveness through rigorous physical and improvisational training rooted in Action Theater, Butoh, Dao Yin and Qigong exercises. Wind up then unwind connective tissues with particular attention given to the spine and joints. Movement drills establish non-linear somatic patterning. Diverse environments provide contrasting patterns for observation and integration. The body in the wild twists and turns naturally.


  • Accommodation for 8 days (7 nights)
  • 3 vegetarian meals daily
  • Two movement sessions daily (120 minutes each)
  • Talks with the teachers
  • Access to pool and all other amenities of Tenuta di Poggiolame
  • Shuttle to and from train station Fabro-Ficulle


Total costs for 8 days (7 nights) per person:
from € 1,200 to € 1,630 (single, double or triple room, private or shared bathroom)
Number of participants: max. 20

To register, please send the completed form by email to
Upon receipt of a deposit of 400 euro, the retreat is bindingly reserved.

*All ImPulsTanz workshop pass holders get a 10% discount on the Country Retreats.


Deposits are not refundable. In case of cancellation by the participants up to 60 days before the retreat, a credit note of 200 euro for workshops and research projects within the ImPulsTanz Festival can be issued as a courtesy. Credits are valid for the same year, plus a maximum of two additional years. Optionally, in case of cancellation up to 60 days before the retreat, the booking (incl. deposit) can be transferred to another participant for a fee of 50 euro, if this participant was recruited by the original participant. In case of cancellation 30 days or more before the first day of the course, a cancellation fee of 50 % will be charged. In case of cancellation 14 days or more before the first day of the course, a cancellation fee of 100 % will be charged.

We recommend that you take out travel insurance.


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