© Will Rawls
© Will Rawls

The TURBO Research Residencies 2020 will be postponed until next year due to the current situation. The application period will start in spring 2021.

ImPulsTanz and its hotbed of choreographers, dancers, teachers, performers, students, presenters, journalists, studios, theatres, lounges etc. provide a hyper-creative environment for artistic exchange and therefore creating. Every year, we are inviting artists, both emerging and established, for residencies to study and/or research and/or create and/or write.


TURBO Research Residencies

TURBO Research Residencies are aimed exclusively at emerging artists who live and work in Austria in order to support young local dance and performance makers and strengthen the Austrian scene. The residencies include rehearsal space, workshops and research projects, performance tickets and individual coaching by experienced artists. With the TURBO Research Residencies, ImPulsTanz offers an intensive and indivdually tailored residency programme.

Infomation & Contact:
Marina (Fio) Losin & Rio Rutzinger
Phone +43.1.523 55 58



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