Research 2022

Research 2022

Mathilde Monnier
Dancing and talking

© Marielle Rossignol
Field Project
Volksoper Probebühne 1

“For this research project, I would like to work on the direct relationship between dance and text, or to put it another way, between a body in movement and a spoken text. This is a work that I started 3 years ago through the piece Please Please Please in collaboration with La Ribot and the director Tiago Rodrigues.

I would like to continue this investigation with the participants on the relation between these two approaches of the language, the one of the body and the one of the text. How can these two mediums remain active and powerful without privileging one form at the expense of the other, how can they interact together, overlap and not cancel each other out. How can a body carry and perform two activities at the same time with equal play?”

We will try to bring these two mediums, that are usually separated, together to produce forms where body language and verbal language are both independent but connected to the same performative body. It is important that you bring one or more texts that interest you and that you would like to explore so that we can explore the tenants of these possible interminglings.

Mathilde Monnier