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Playful Bodies

This workshop focuses on body rhythm by combining improvisation, theatrical and contemporary dance exercises with commercial dance styles like Bollywood, Salsa, and Jazz. We deal with the complex footwork, mudras (hand gestures) and some groovy elements from traditional Indian dances, which are packed into playful context. A motivating and physically oriented class to achieve a collective high-energetic state.

ARTISTBIO: Jaskaran Anand

 Born (1992) in New Delhi, India, Jaskaran Anand has been living in Linz since 2015. His works are trans-disciplinary interventions based on intersections between performative-art, scientific and art-based research, and participatory-collaborative artistic practices: using choreography and dance as a method of communication in and beyond the traditional art and public spaces. He looks forward to crossing borders, in different depths of artistic media with a focus on the human body acting as an interface.

He is an internationally acclaimed artist working as a performance-maker-artist, initiator, dancer-choreographer, pedagogue, researcher, and video dramaturge-editor. 

He is co-founder and chairperson of Linz-based art, cultural and research organisation called trivium; it focuses on unravelling the cultural intersectionality present in human bodies. His works have been presented across Austria, New Zealand and India in various media. He has performed, choreographed, and taught across Europe, and India since 2009. Fascinated by spirituality as well as the psychological and neuroscientific understandings of the self, his research and his interdisciplinary works focus on (de)constructing the concept of reality while investigating the socio-political dimension surrounding it. 

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