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Messy Polyphonies

Together we will look at how we can use our voices to create a polyphonic song and a choreography based on improvisation by listening, supporting, using front vocal principles, the material of soft or powerful vocalisation. In spite of, or perhaps because of, our “mess” of very individual voices, we create a harmonious unity in our polyphony.

ARTISTBIO: Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos

Veza Maria Fernandez *1986 is independent choreographer and performer. Next to her English and Romance studies she trained as a dancer at numerous professional settings and workshops. She creates dance and theatre works, pieces about big subjects like love, power and family. Her approach is poetic. Veza is interested in scenic arts, which is why she fuses the possible and impossible dialogue between voice and dance, classical theatrical, choreographic and performative formats with what should be seen as new.
She believes in the cathartic function of a certain working constellation. Veza received the bestOFFstyria 2014 audience award with her Solo "Calamocos or my grandmother was a poet who couldn't write", the danceWEB scholarship in 2015 as well as the Artist in Europe Brussels scholarship 2015. She participated with her piece "The father care piece piece oder Keine Angst, Papa spielt Theater" at the Freischwimmer Tour (2016/2017). In 2016 she received artistic support by the city of Graz for her achievements as expressive dancer in important spaces.

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