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© Emilia Milewska
© Emilia Milewska

Free ImPulsTanz Workshops

16 July–10 August 2018
Daily at 17:00
Anton-Benya-Park, Argentinierstraße, 1040 Vienna
between Theresianumgasse and Plößlgasse

The crème de la crème of the contemporary dance scene moves outside into the Anton-Benya-Park. Everyday for 75 minutes ImPulsTanz teachers will share their personal approach to and pleasure in contemporary dance with the public. Thanks to the great support of the AK Wien it is for free! No registration required, just join us: all levels, ages and abilities welcome! Meeting point is the acidic yellow dance carpet, just behind the football and basketball pitches.

The Programme


© Andy Walahol

16 July – Akos Hargitay

Akos is a specialist for hybrid movement forms. He created the name of this idiosyncratic and wild dance style, which is influenced by: Parkour, Tricking, HipHop and Breaking, Capoeira and the Circus, but most of all Contemporary Dance.

© Peter Gannushkin

17 July – Irena Z. Tomažin

Irena sees the body as a source of many voices and has created pieces with wibrant titles such as „Like a raindrop into the mouth of silence“. With this open class she invites everyone to take a leap towards the own voice. Texts and movement play an important role! Definitely a hoot!

© Patrick Beelaert

18 July – Sabine Sonnenschein

Experience how it is to be carried/supported by the ground and the others while playing with gravity! Through listening to each other, we will find and create our unique dance in the moment, through touching, supporting, holding and carrying each other.

© Free Soul

19 July – Juan Jesus Guiraldi

The winner of last year’s ImPulsTanz Dance Contest returns this summer to Vienna to share his fulminant and highly-experimental dance style with the Viennese Workshop-crowd. Contemporary, urban, natural, Parkour, circus and folk movements are the foundation for the experients with the body – the possibilities are endless!

© Sven Hagolani

20 July – Claire Cunningham & Jess Curtis

How do our movements and physicalities shape how we perceive the world around us? We will investigate, through movement, language, watching, listening and feeling, how difference – of physicality or lived experience – and diversity can both inform and shape our perception. 

21 July – Btissame Amadour

With her background in football and Taekwondo (she has the black belt!) on a competitive level, Btissame shares her experiences as an athlete and dancer with others. Since 2015 she awakens the fighting spirit of numereous ImPulsTanz participants together with Florentina Holzinger and Marija Malenica in the workshop "Inside the Octagon“.

© Akos Hargitay

21 July – JumpAround at 18:30–20:00

OPEN CLASS with Akos Hargitay
This 90-minutes open class with Akos is taking place on an Air Trick Mat. This special mat works like a huge trampoline and enables „bigger“ movement for everyone no matter what age or experience. Akos has already shown what is possible in his hybrid movement performance „When you Fall I will be there: Ground“! Sneakers with flat soles work best!

22 July – Ziya Azazi

The dancer and choreographer who is acquainted with the world’s big and small stages (opening ceremony of the Olympics in London all the way to street protests in Istanbul) will introduce the hallucinatory joy in spinning and turning of Dervish in Progress in this workshop!

© Christine Ebenthal

23 July – Paul Wenninger

The freelancing dancer, choreographer and filmmaker created the ImPulsTanz Festival Clip 2018! Tai Ki Kung / San Feng is a unique Tai Chi form from South China, that apart from its benefits for the body, can unfold the creative potential!

© Enst Kainerstorfer

24 July – Grischka Voss

The actress, writer, director and founder of the bernhard ensemble explores through playful BodyWork the possibilities, for example: a huge ear shopping in the store of a giant nose. Everything you can imagine you can also be!

© Stanislav Dobák

25 July – Marta Coronado

The immensely likeable Rosas-dancer has just premiered her choreography for Orfeo & Majnun at the Théâtre Royal De La Monnaie Opéra National – she specialises in Release technique and teaches the Rosas repertory as well as dance compositions worldwide.

© Marika Rákóczy

26 July – Claudia Hitzenberger

This open class has the focus on the (inner) centre, which has a lot to tell about us human beings – it hosts a lot of beauty but also pain. This calls for a sensitive and experienced teacher such as Claudia, who combines her Yoga classes with her training in Spiraldynamik®. You have to try it!!


27 July – Karine Label

Karine gives an insight into Afro-Haitian dance, which is characterised by rhythm-charged movements and has its roots in the world of myths of Western and Central Africa. Something for letting go!

28 July – Tian Rotteveel

Using principles of techno music, osho meditation, deep listening, kundalini yoga and extended voice techniques. Composer/Choreographer Tian Rotteveel will provide an energetic insight to the practice of sound and rhythm, using the body complicit to open physical states and exploration. A perfect escape!

© Noa Fisher

29 July – Jermaine Browne

A fusion of Jazz, HipHop and Funk, full with Jermaine’s electrifying combination of strength and sensuality combining hard-hitting style with clean lines. Jermaine is a very successful choreographer and performer in the Pop- and R’nB’ scene as well as in fashion and music shows. He worked a. o. with mit Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Gorillaz. 

© He Shao Hui

30 July – Sabine Parzer

Somatic principles in connection with contemporary dance improvisation help us train mindfulness in body and space and to express ourselves freely. With each breath, each movement and each contact we dance a state of awakened and relaxed being.

31 July – Christopher Matthews

Chris is an award-winning choreographer-dancer, trained in Ballet, early Modern Dance, Classical & Commercial Jazz, who claims: „I’m a jazzerina!“. He is inspired by (among others) Bob Fosse, whose famous moves have already been bitten off by Michael Jackson.

© Karolina Miernik

01 August – Shelley Senter

She is the living archive of the ground-breaking choreographies by Trisha Brown and Yvonne Rainer. Her work is influenced by the Alexander technique, which makes it possible to delve deeply into one’s own knowledge on the body.

© Karolina Miernik

02 August – Defne Erdur

The Turkish pedagogue, performer, masseuse and above all, whirlwind, combines anatomy and emotion, consciousness and (art) therapy, fun and seriousness into one class, in which you will slowly pull out the knowledge that exists in every body with all kinds of tricks. Flying and dancing towards contentment and lightness!

© Danny Willems

03 August – Laura Aris

Laura was a dancer with Ultima Vez/Wim Vandekeybus, creates her own work since 2009 and is very passionate when it comes to search for the dynamic interplay and exchange of artistic interests with her students. This super talent is a constant on the ImPulsTanz faculty since 2006.

© Dhiraj Kulkarni

04 August – Fabiana Pastorini

Originally from Argentina, Fabiana Pastorini found BodyWork by way of Ballet, Graham technique and African expressive dance and now channels all her experience into developing and teaching "Dance for Health“. Her method is based on traditional Chinese medicine, kinesiology and dance. She has a lot to offer and ignites everyone's zest for life! Come back into your body and dance!

© Akos Hargitay

04 August – JumpAround at 18:30–20:00

OPEN CLASS with Akos Hargitay
This 90-minutes open class with Akos is taking place on an Air Trick Mat. This special mat works like a huge trampoline and enables „bigger“ movement for everyone no matter what age or experience. Akos has already shown what is possible in his hybrid movement performance „When you Fall I will be there: Ground“! Sneakers with flat soles work best!

© He Shao Hui

05 August – maRia Probst

Sensing, Meeting, Action! Klein Technique, Skinner Releasing, BMC, Yoga and Qi Gong Practices, Fascial Training Knowledge, Life, Longing and down-to-earth daily practices and duties – all of them and more form the fruitful soil and luscious air for maRia’s sense-, bounce-, swing- snippets of contemporary dance. 


06 August – Vera Rosner

This is an invitation for everyone aged 08–88: how does it work, wheelchair and dance? Muscles and bones, wheels and spokes, everything hits one’s stride. With Vera Rosner you can change your perspective and exercise some wheelchair tricks – possibly this turns into a wheelchair ballet.

© Karolina Miernik

07 August – Magdalena Chowaniec

Feel like taking a short trip to the Anti-Fascist Ballet School? Welcome to the Academy of Unlearning! Let’s unlearn the disciplines and learn to support each other with grace. Pas de bleu instead of pas de deux! Punk’s not Dead and Ballet Forever! In the frame of  iChoreography – Conversations Magdalena also calls for participants for a silent Demonstration and a preparatory Open Practice. MORE

© Rainer Berson

08 August – Futurelove Sibanda

The dancer, actor and singer from Zimbabwe already gained a lot of stage experience at a young age. In his open class he is inviting everyone to get to know the rhythms of the streets in Southern Africa and shows how to find inspiration from rhythms and movements of the daily life.

© Hanna Fasching

09 August – Veza Maria Fernandez Ramos

Veza is interested in scenic arts, which is why she fuses the possible and impossible dialogue between voice and dance, classical theatrical, choreographic and performative formats with what should be seen as new. Veza will show, what you can do when your voice gets stuck!

© Marta Lamovsek

10 August – Leech

Turns out: Leech was actually raised in the neighbourhood of the Anton-Benya-Park, which is where he started, as one of the first one ins Austria, with Parkour. In case you’ve always wanted to jump smoothly on, over and around the gear at the playground – Leech, who won the Austrian Beatbox Championships twice – will show you a couple of Parkour-tricks!

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