Performances 2023

Performances 2023

Lara Kramer (CA)
Them Voices

© Charles Lafrance

What is being left to future generations, and what has been inherited from ancestors? What has, as of yet, neither been perceived nor imagined? Lara Kramer transfers Them Voices – the voices of her mixed heritage of settlers and a Canadian first-nation line of the Oji-Cree – to our fragile present. In her piece, the past and the future merge into a search for new ways that we, as future ancestors, might now decide to take. Kramer practices artistic archaeology and discovers hidden narratives about the consequences our actions today have for future generations.

Austrian Premiere

Duration: 70 Min
15.7.2023, 17:00
Künstlerhaus Factory
16.7.2023, 17:00
Künstlerhaus Factory
16.7.2023, 21:00
Künstlerhaus Factory
© Alex Côté
© Alex Côté
© Alex Côté
© Alex Côté


Produced by: Lara Kramer Danse
Conceived, created, set and performed by: Lara Kramer
Sound creation and editing: Lara Kramer and Simon Riverin
Outside eyes: Peter James and Ivanie Aubin-Malo
Anishinaabe knowledge keeper: Ida Baptiste
Elder Emerson Ninigishki’ing
Documentation: Ivanie Aubin-Malo and James Oscar
Lighting design: Hugo Dalphond
Technical director: Joannie Vignola
Stage manager: Marie-Pier Jaques