Future of Dance Journalism

Workshop for dance journalists
21–24 July 2022

The German association for dance journalism Tanz.media organises in cooperation with ImPulsTanz a high profile workshop about multimedia storytelling, postproduction and digital publishing.

Lecturer: Uwe H. Martin, freelance storyteller, photographer, slow journalist and multimedia producer
When: 21–24 July 2022
Where: workshop centre Arsenal
Application: send completed form to office@tanz.media
Fee: free of charge

During the workshop Postproduction and Digital Publishing dance journalists will learn how to tell multimedia stories for online media in an exciting and captivating way. Lecturer Uwe H. Martin will focus on how to narrate in linear film and text-based multimedia stories, on how to cut videos, but also on media and product planning. During the workshop journalists will produce their own short film or their scroll feature based on pre-recorded material. The workshop is held in German.

Uwe H. Martin, based in Hamburg and San Francisco, has been teaching journalism, photography and multimedia storytelling since 2010 in many different countries. He is a member of the Bombay Flying Club, founder of the international art and research project World of Matter as well as being a founding member of the media collective RiffReporter.

TANZ.media has developed an intensive training programme for dance journalists to help them keep up with media developments of the 21st century and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. In providing training like that the members of Tanz.media hope to help secure the position of dance journalism in future.

Ongoing professional training such as these workshops are normally rather costly. Here they are free thanks to NEUSTART KULTUR, Hilfsprogramm Tanz. This is an initiative subsidised by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and supported by the programme Diehl and Ritter/Tanzpaket Reconnect.

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