Here you will find all relevant information about the performances, workshops, research projects and the music programme Soçial of ImPulsTanz 2024. These are continuously supplemented and completed. If you have any further questions, please send us an email to info@impulstanz.com.

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When will the ImPulsTanz performances take place in 2024?

from 11 July to 11 August

When can I buy tickets for the performances?

Tickets for selected performances will be available from the beginning of May and for all other performances from the beginning of June – both online and in person at the box office.

How much does a ticket cost?

Ticket prices vary according to performance, venue, duration and seating. The exact prices can be found in the detailed descriptions of the respective performance.

Students, apprentices, recruits, conscientious objectors performing community service (under 27), people over 60, persons with a degree of disability of 50 % or more, wheelchair users, Raiffeisenbank account holders as well as holders of the STANDARD discount card, the Ö1Club card and the AK AktivKarte receive discounts.

In addition, a limited contingent of performance tickets will be made available for Kulturpass holders.


When do the workshops and research projects take place in 2024?

from 15 July to 9 August

The workshop and research programme is divided into seven independent phases: Week 1, 2, 3, 4 (Mon – Fri) and Intensive 1, 2, 3 (Sat & Sun). A week long workshop takes place once a day from Monday to Friday (between 90 and 180 minutes per session), Intensive weekend workshops take place twice a day on Saturday and Sunday (between 120 and 150 minutes per session), but in some cases also as one long session a day (360 minutes).

Week 1: 15–19 July
Intensive 1: 20 & 21 July
Week 2: 22–26 July
Intensive 2: 27 & 28 July
Week 3: 29 Juli – 2 August
Intensive 3: 3 & 4 August
Week 4: 5–9 August

When can the workshops be booked and when can one apply for research projects?

A list of teachers will be published online at the end of March. The complete workshop programme will be available online and in the workshop catalogue from mid/late April. When the programme is announced, booking will also start online and at the Workshop Office at MuseumsQuartier. You can also apply for research projects from mid/late April.

What levels are there?

O (Open Level)
Open Level workshops are open to everyone – beginners dance side by side with professionals.

Beg (Beginners Level)
This level is for beginners. No previous knowledge in the respective field of the workshop or dance style is necessary.

Int (Intermediate Level)
Intermediate Level workshops are for dancers with some prior knowledge in at least one of the dance styles or the respective field of the workshop.

Adv (Advanced Level)
This level is for people with profound knowledge and experience in the respective field of the workshop and dance style.

Adv+ (Advanced Plus Level)
Advanced Plus applies to workshops from the Repertory department or workshops that are considered physically and mentally challenging. These require excellent knowledge and experience as an active professional dancer/performer.

Shake the Break & Golden Age
In addition, special courses are offered for children and young people (Shake the Break) and people aged 60 and over (Golden Age). These are open-level workshops with a specific age focus.

Research projects
These are aimed exclusively at advanced and professional dancers, choreographers and artists. Applications are required for these. The participants are selected by the project management.

How much does it cost to participate in a workshop?

The first workshop costs 220 euro according to the regular fee for booking and payment from 1 June. With the early bird bonus – for booking and payment by 31 May – the first workshop costs 200 euro. We also offer a multi-booker bonus: the second workshop costs 160 euro and each additional workshop 150 euro. There is a surcharge of 15 euro for workshops with extra length. For workshops taught by two or more teachers, there is also a surcharge of 15 euro.

In addition, there are reduced rates for students, apprentices, recruits, conscientious objectors performing community service (under 27), people over 60, professional dancers, active dance teachers and young people under 18. Holders of the AK AktivKarte and DER STANDARD Abovorteilskarte receive further reductions.

The fees for the courses for children and young people in the Shake the Break series vary between 85 and 130 euro depending on the duration. There is also an early bird bonus (minus 20 euro on the first workshop if booked and paid for by 31 May) and a multi-booker bonus (minus 50 euro on the second workshop and minus 60 euro on each additional workshop).

How much does it cost to participate in a research project?

Participation costs 390 euro from 1 June, 370 euro with the early bird bonus if you apply by 31 May (incl. 50 euro application fee). If two artists are teaching, there is a surcharge of 15 euro. A multiple-booking bonus is also available here. This means that each additional research project costs 325 euro. If you are not selected for your desired project, the application fee of 50 euro will of course be refunded or credited to other workshop bookings.

What is the cancellation policy?

Cancellations can only be accepted up to 14 days prior to the workshop. Please note that we charge a 50 euro cancellation fee for full cancellation of all workshop bookings. All workshops and research projects cancelled after this deadline must be fully paid. If the festival, an individual workshop or a research project has to be cancelled, the full amount of the affected workshops or research projects (including cancellation fees) will be refunded – pro rata for workshops and research projects that have already started. Any private expenses already incurred for attending the festival (travel, accommodation costs, etc.) cannot be reimbursed.

What does Open Doors mean?

At the workshop centre, every day is “Open House”! Everyone is welcome to come and watch the workshops. The studios are large, there is enough space to sit at the edge of the dance floor, sway to the beat, let the (live) music carry your thoughts and inspire you without disturbing the class. In addition, there are free events as well as showings of workshops, research projects and residencies that give exclusive insights into the courses and works of the choreographers or simply make you want to dance. Those who not only want to watch, but also participate, are also very welcome at the jams! More information will be available online from June. The list of events will be updated regularly. It’s worth checking it out regularly.

Will Public Moves take place again in 2024?

Yes, Public Moves will once again be held in the open air: numerous internationally renowned teachers will impart their knowledge of yoga, Bollywood dance, HipHop and much more in free outdoor classes at several locations. All ages and levels are welcome! More information will be available online from June.

Is there child care at ImPulsTanz?

To ensure that parents taking part in workshops know that their offspring are in good care and in close proximity, we offer childcare for children from the age of two in the workshop centre during the booked course times. Registrations are possible at the start of the booking process via kinderbetreuung@impulstanz.com.

Are there reasonably priced accommodation options during the festival?

From mid May onwards, there will be a constantly updated list of private accommodation for rent during the summer. ImPulsTanz makes this platform available to interested participants – however, it cannot take any responsibility for the content of the advertisements.


When does ImPulsTanz Soçial take place?

from 11 July to 11 August, daily from 22:00

Where does ImPulsTanz Soçial take place?

The Festival Lounge is once again at home at Burgtheater Vestibül. The locations for the two big ImPulsTanz parties will be announced at the beginngn of June at the latest.

When will the programme be online?

from the beginning of June

What is the entrance fee?

The Festival Lounge at Burgtheater Vestibule is at free admission from Sunday to Thursday, Friday and Saturday admission costs 8 euro. Tickets are only available on site.

Admission is also free on Fridays and Saturdays for festival artists, workshop pass holders and holders of a performance ticket for the same evening.

Tickets for both ImPulsTanz parties are available in advance online and at the box office for 13 euro (10 euro for workshop pass holders) and at the box office for 15 euro.

What do I have to consider?

We are happy to be able to organise summer party nights at the ImPulsTanz Festival Lounge. It is very important to us to treat each other with respect and tolerance. Racism, sexism and violence have no place at our events!


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