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Workshop 2016 mit Maartje Pasman © Karolina Miernik

Lass Springen!

Dance workshops for economically disadvantaged children & teenagers!
Dancing is not only a lot of fun and awakens the joy of life, it also strengthens empathy skills, self-confidence and cognitive abilities. These are some of the many reasons why we love to create a versatile workshop programme for the youngest dance enthusiasts year after year: A programme from which we do not want to exclude anyone. ImPulsTanz kindly asks for your support to give economically disadvantaged children the chance to join in our festival razzle-dazzle like everyone else. Let’s pack some nice workshop packages for them together!

These include participation in a workshop chosen by the child, a lunch on each workshop day and an ImPulsTanz goodie. In addition, we double the number of workshops that are funded by your donations – so your donation has twice the value! 

Donations in all amounts (from 10 euro on) are welcome, an entire workshop package means 190 euro. Any unused Lass Springen! packages will be used in the following year.

For LASS SPRINGEN! we cooperate with various non-profit organisations and associations.

Karl Regensburger
Director ImPulsTanz
Rio Rutzinger
Artistic director Workshops & Research

© Karolina Miernik

Mobile mirrored walls

In ballet or dance classes mirrors are essential. They allow to examine and improve postures, positions and movements. ImPulsTanz has got about 30 mobile mirrored walls, which have unfortunately reached their expiry date. Years of intensive usage and frequent transport have left their undeniable traces. Please help us to purchase new mirrored walls, which meet the prevailing standard!

Each summer the Burgtheater rehearsal stages and ART-for-ART studios in the Wiener Arsenal turn into dance palaces flooded with light and crowded by people from about 100 different countries. Of course we wish to provide each of our workshop participants the best conditions for fun, but also productive dance days.

Due to their extensive and intensive use at many many festivals our mirrored walls meanwhile exhibit strong signs of aging and wear. Hence, the time has finally come to replace our 30 mirrored walls with new ones which also meet the prevailing standard.

The 350 cm wide and 200 cm high elements need to be crafted by specialists and meet the highest security standards in stability and glass breakage protection. The costs of one mirror are 1,450 euro, which at an amount of 30 mirrored walls sums up to a total cost of 43,500 euro.

Please help us realising this project successfully –
thank you very much for your involvement!

Karl Regensburger
Director ImPulsTanz
Rio Rutzinger
Artistic director Workshops & Research

Where it helps the most

Digitalisation of dance videos, air conditioning of the ImPulsTanz venues and much more

  • Digitalisation of dance videos: having access to registrations of dance pieces is crucial in artistic and scientific dance research. ImPulsTanz has been collecting and filming footage since the 1980s and would like to make this valuable collection available to dance students, researchers, journalists, scholars … thus a digitisation of our analog material is necessary, but still lacking.
  • Air conditioning of the ImPulsTanz venues through mobile climate solutions
  • And much more

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