Masoumeh Jalalieh (AT/IR)


Masoumeh Jalalieh is a Vienna-based choreographer and dancer. She was born in Tehran, Iran. Brought up between the lines, colours, and canvases of her father, she was exposed to art from a very early age. She studied graphic design at university, and at the same time took theatre classes (mime) and later contemporary dance classes. Furthermore, she started performing 2009 and kept working with different theatre and dance companies internationally. Since 2013 she started to develop her own pieces in dialogue with musicians, visual artists, writers, film and animation makers, linguists, and architects to explore other doorways to contemporary dance other than movement. As a contemporary artist, she had always been curious to explore the conversation of different art mediums, crafts, and sciences. “The body is a complicated collection of all elements of nature, such as time, space, ambiance, speed, density, temperature, transition, concentration... I observe, explore, and study these elements through the body and movement. This way I communicate my imagination using the ultimate language human beings have at their disposal.” Masoumeh is undoubtedly interwoven with the society, culture, and ritual carpet of her homeland. ‘”I carry myself, my family, my ancestors, and history with me, and thus communicate myself, my country, and its people through my artistic statements.”


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