Trisha Agia (NL)


After completing her dance studies at PACT Amsterdam in 2015, Trisha Agia started working as a professional dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. She performed in (TV-) shows and competitions with her dance teams Tocsick and Afrokiko. As a choreographer, she created several shows/performances and made her debut as a choreographer in 2020. In doing so, she took her choreographic skills to a higher level and choreographed for the film White Berry.

In 2016, Trisha started learning the dance style Afro House, which originated in Angola around 2007, and combined it with influences from different styles such as Hip Hop, Amapiano and Pantsula. Since then, she has called her personal style Afro Fusion or Fusion.

From an early age, Trisha has had a passion for dance. It makes her feel free and powerful in which she is always finding ways to express herself. Her interest in teaching began during her dance training, where she created her first choreographic works by translating her thoughts and inspirations into movement, observing what others made of it – this, she believes, is what makes her work magical.


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