Connie Vandarakis (US)


Connie Vandarakis (she/her) is the Associate Director of Education for DanceAbility International and holds a Master Teacher level certification. She is an international disability consultant working with organizations such as RAMPD (Recording Artist and Music Professionals with Disabilities), Lachi (an award-winning recording artist, producer, and disability advocate), Disability Pride PA and DEAN (Disability Education and Advocacy Network).

Connie serves as an Arts inclusion expert for the Zero Project Inclusive Arts Museum’s and Arts Community and also with their Sexual Health and Wellness community. She has spoken at multiple international conferences and United Nations in New York City and in Vienna on the Inclusion of Arts in Disability and the economics of the participation in the Arts. She was a performer and panelist at the Austrian Cultural Forum as part of the United Nations COSP 15 – The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Connie most recently was an inclusive dance expert for one of the European Union Erasmus Move Project in May 2022 in Graz, Austria.

Connie has over 30 years of teaching, performing, and administrative experience in higher academia at a University in Philadelphia, PA, as Associate Dean in Division of Liberal Arts, Professor of Dance and Dance Education Coordinator. Connie has a Masters in Dance Theater from John Moore University-Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. She has taught and performed internationally since1993.



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