Verena Brückner (AT)



Verena Brückner was born in Johannesburg in 1974 and lives in Vienna. The performer and singer, voice coach and body therapist was for many years a member of the Carpa Theatre Lab, which took up structures of music improvisation and explored them through movement and voice in space. As the performance duo Erika Storm together with Anna Mendelssohn, they explored “transacoustic movements” in their pieces. Verena participated in theatre productions with Toxic Dreams, among others. With Eva “Gustav” Jantschitsch she founded the accordion-punk duo Agenda Lobkov, whose mission was to agitate workers' songs. Other musical projects include KMET, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong, DUO MIGNON, Duo ControCanto. Solo projects with accordion and voice in collaboration with visual artists and writers, musical contributions to various CD productions. She attended master classes at the Institute for living Voice in Belgium with David Moss, Sainko Namtschilak and Joan La Barbara, among others.

As a trained Shiatsu and Grinberg practitioner and with experimental voice work, including body-centred voice work according to breath-tonus-tone, she works both in her own practice and as a voice trainer at various universities and with independent groups. In her voice work, she prefers to explore small movements as a way to conquer a lot of space and freedom in the voice.


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