Anastasia Stoyannides (AT/GR)



Anastasia Stoyannides, BA, is a certified yoga teacher in the technique of Eva Ruchpaul's Hatha Yoga bien tempéré, Paris/France. Originally from Greece, Anastasia is based in Vienna, Austria, since 1992 and currently also teaches and lives in Austria, Greece and Spain.

Anastasia has been a guest teacher for over 30 years, being invited internationally to facilitate seminars with various groups of people. She herself gives regular instruction in her private practice and organises intensive yoga workshops and yoga retreats throughout the European continent.

She had the good fortune to be introduced to movement in her early childhood and be accompanied by it ever since. In her previous profession as a performer, both as a soloist and as a member of dance and theatre companies, she explored improvisation as a key to spontaneous creativity.

After years of an intensive study of the human body, she finds her spiritual home in the yoga practice of Eva Ruchpaul, the technique that helped Anastasia to fuse all her previous knowledge of movement with teaching yoga and embodying personal growth. Anastasia's approach to Hatha Yoga focuses on a profound and honest way of practising as an inspiration for students and yoga teachers to trust in the beauty of their existence and to unfold towards a refined state of self-reliance and inner silence.


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