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Sofie Douda has been dancing, singing and performing since her childhood, e. g. at the Akademietheater in Vienna. She studied cultural and social anthropology and linguistics at the University of Vienna, worked in a kindergarten in Chile, as a waitress, squatted, demonstrated for human rights, intervened with the Rebel Clown Army, worked in an intervention centre for victims of trafficking in women and hitchhiked through Europe to illegal raves.

In Paris she studied urban, traditional African and contemporary dance techniques, in Brazil she learned Movements of the Orixas (Rosangela Silvestre and Vera Passos) and in Haiti she lived and performed with the Teyat Nasyonal, ENARTS École Nationale des Arts, and many more and interpreted between the six languages she speaks. She passionately admires Caribbean cultures and their people and wants to understand dance and music in their political, social and therapeutic dimensions. She dreams of an anti-capitalist, queer-feminist & afro-indigenous future.


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