Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Emmanuelle Huynh
Sharing Nuée Process and Dancing Cartographies

© Marc Domage
Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
14:15–16:45 / XL
Schmelz 10

I will share the development processes of the solo Nuée, created in 2021, following the death of my father Huynh Thanh Van, Nuage Bleu. I will also transmit the written dances of the solo which testify to the three kinaesthesia which shaped me as a dancer and choreographer: Classical dance, Postmodern dance, Butoh. I will superimpose this kinaesthetic cartography on that of the acupuncture practised by my father, which carries the vision of a body traversed by trajectories of intensity.

The class will begin with a warm-up time: yoga postures, contact, exercises alone, in pairs/in groups/altogether. We will prepare for memory improvisations that link geography and intimacy, to spatial compositions from your own biographies. The transmission of the written dances of the solo will be the subject of warm-ups relating to the kinaesthesia of Ballet, Postmodern dance and Butoh. Automatic writing will also be practised as a lever for bodily and psychic imagination.

Bring two or three pieces of music that are important to you.
Level required: from intermediate level, any type of dance experience is welcome.

Emmanuelle Huynh

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