Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

Tamara Alegre, dressed in rhinestone-studded underwear, squats with her back to the camera, making a cool gesture with her hand and sticking out her tongue. Against a black background, she is illuminated in a bright green colour.

Tamara Alegre featuring Cuba Mami
Sensual Fictions and Intensities

© Glamarr
Intensive 1, 15.7.+16.7.2023
09:30–12:00 + 14:50–17:20
Schmelz 5

Departing on a fiction around the sexual organs and the body parts around it: hips, ass, belly... we will embody a sensual dance practice working on insisting, resisting, repetition, and building up physical states and sensations. The practice is an empowering strategy to clean and charge our bodies, feel pleasure and give room to the co-existence of different emotions.

We will start the workshop with a badass Twerk warm-up by dancer and collaborator Cuba. We will embody fantasies on figures such as warriors, gargoyles, chimeras, and strippers.
We will work with dance material from NX FUIMO, my latest collaborative work. Looping steps, working on high intensity, repetition, and hyping each other.
My work is influenced by Dancehall, I will share knowledge on this and how it affects my work ethics in relation to cultural appropriation.

Please bring kneepads and comfortable clothes, tight close are not beneficial for twerking. Bring something comfortable and something you feel sexy with.

Tamara Alegre
© Glamarr
© Cansu Tandogan