Workshops 2023

Workshops 2023

José Manuel Álvarez
Contemporary Flamenco

© Laura Abad
Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
Schmelz 1
Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
Schmelz 8

Contemporary Flamenco for dancers (Beginners)

This workshop is for all dance enthusiasts who are interested in the movement language of flamenco and are still at the beginning of their dance practice. Contemporary flamenco borrows from many other genres and incorporates them into the rhythm of Spanish dance, resulting in completely new focuses. The emphasis is on the coordination of the body and the joy of rhythmic movement.

Contemporary Flamenco for dancers (Intermediate)

This workshop is for all dancers who want to expand their repertoire of movements. José Manuel Álvarez has developed a unique style and a work of body awareness that incorporates the movement codes of flamenco and at the same time opens it up to all other dance forms. The varied turns, the interesting combinations based on the rhythms of flamenco and the conquest of the stage space are an enrichment for all dancers who want to try something completely new.

If you have specific flamenco shoes, please bring them. Some dance shoes can also be suitable. Other kind of street heel shoes are not recommended.

José Manuel Álvarez
© Kazumasa Horiuchi
© Noelia Iniesta