Workshops 2019

Workshops 2019

Andrew Mournehis
Dance of the Deities

Week 3, 29.7.–2.8.2019
17:00–20:00 / XL
Arsenal C

Dance of the Deities

Prepare not only to move..but to be moved

The Dance of The Deities workshop combines mythology, storytelling, Yoga and dance into a powerful process that allows a deep embodiment of spiritual teachings and ways to live them in the big "Dance of Life".

Section 1: Mythology and Symbology of the Deity: (45 min)
Introduction: Philosophy talk, storytelling and sharing the mythology of the Deity

Section 2: Warm-up/ Yoga Asana Practice: (45 min)
Asana practice that reflects the philosophy of the Deity with Mudra, Mantra and Pranayama

Section 3: Dance of The Deity: 2 parts: (75 min)
• Dance is broken down into blocks / counts of 8 / learning small portions of the structured dance sequence, created and choreographed specifically to learn the core teachings of the Deity
• The Entire "Dance of the Deity" is practiced several times to embody

Section 4: Integration: (15min)
Cool down, relaxation and final integration in a relaxed state revisiting teachings, key points and take home lessons from the dance and myth/stories shared.

The 5 Deities we will be working with through the week are:

1) The Daring Dance of Durga
A dance of grace and fearlessness where the the power of love triumphs over the love of power

2) Fierce Love Dance of Kali
Kali, the great fierce protectress, reveals her most stunning gifts of benevolence, compassion and deep love.

3) The Beloved Dance of Sita Ram
A dance of integrity and nobility, reuniting us with our deepest love…assists us in battling our demons so we feel whole and victorious again!

4) The Healing Dance of Hanuman
A dance revealing our humility, our warrior, our power, our potential, our gifts, our devotion, and the healing that arises through our fierce commitment to love!

5) The Abundance Dance of Lakshmi
This dance of prosperity leads us to the depths of our hearts desires and the souls calling to love

The whole class will be infused with divinely inspired music, potent ancient mantras and set to contemporary tunes, integrating them into the "Dance of Life"
An experience not to be missed!
Pleas note: A general level of dance experience necessary
All genders welcome!!

Andrew Mournehis
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