ImPulsTanz 2014 © Ivo Dimchev

Ivo Dimchev


A curator and an artist negotiate the price for performing a piece. Since the artist’s name is Ivo Dimchev who is portrayed by Ivo Dimchev himself, the act of negotiating turns into an extraordinary situation. With “Fest”, the Bulgarian performer once again proves himself to be an outstanding specialist when it comes to crossing lines at the edges of contemporary choreography and performance art. It’s all about the dynamics of the mutual exercising of power in the precarious relationships between those who make art and those who select it (or not) and handle it so as to present it to an audience. Dimchev found his metaphors for these dynamics in sexual acts which are more than just hinted at in the X-rated piece “Fest”, which has been the subject of controversial debate. The artist then also meets a technician and a member of the audience. The tension mounts. The negotiations go on. The bodies involved are like live wires.


The performance is not suitable for an audience under 18 years.

01 August 2014, Akademietheater