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Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory

Swan Lake

The South African dancer and choreographer is without doubt one of the major artistic discoveries of recent years. In "Swan Lake" Dada Masilo – who danced the solo part in William Kentridge’s "Refuse the Hour" at the 2013 ImPulsTanz Festival – and her 11 dancers manage to merge ballet romanticism with contemporary African dance. However, her version of the story about a love that is not meant to be is a little different ...
In the process she confronts Tchaikovsky with music by Steve Reich, among others, thereby opening up completely new aspects of the work. Her brilliant ensemble performs the blend of classical and contemporary elements in a breathtaking manner. Dada Masilo illustrates how the current situation may be faced with dance and humour (not only) in South Africa, which still has to come to terms with the aftermath of apart- heid, homophobia and AIDS.

22, Add On 23, 24 + 25 July, 21:00, Volkstheater

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