[8:tension] 2013 © Mariana Tengner Barros

Mariana Tengner Barros

The Trap

“To be a bitch, or not to be a bitch, that’s the question.” This solo examines the ambivalence of a diva and, in this context, an obsession with the “perfect” body. Smoking, monologising and singing, Mariana Tengner Barros moves through the universe of consumer clichés as a cynical lovely wearing only the barest of clothing, a magnificent necklet and high heels. Glittering fancies that are fed to the body to tie it to the laws of the realm of consumerism in which we move about. And because all attempts at attracting attention to this fact have been to no avail, Barros now invites the audience to join her in falling into the traps set up by the spectacle that is the world of goods, by advertising and the media.

July 11 + 14, 2013 | Schauspielhaus