ImPulsTanz 2021

Alias Cie / Guilherme Botelho (CH/BR)

Sideways Rain

It takes courage to tackle big issues because somehow everything of importance seems to already have been discussed or published at some point. Guilherme Botelho, director and choreographer of the Swiss company Alias, founded in 1994, has what it takes and creates new spaces in his works for one or the other basic principle. A perfect example of this is his piece Sideways Rain, in which 14 men and women dance, teeter, walk and run an impressive parable of the course of life: forwards as well as backwards, spinning around or straight as an arrow. And doing so consistently in one direction: the one the future takes refuge in. The dancers concentrate on making progress and hardly seem to pay attention to each other, while opulent, at times relentless sounds drive them on. They seem to be guided by a system in the nature of which a principle of movement and volatility prevails that no one can escape from. A fascinating performance that captivates the audience until the last second.

Duration: 60 Minutes

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