ImPulsTanz 2021

Louise Lecavalier (CA)


“I am alone onstage – plunged into a maze with my frenzy.” This is how Canadian dance icon Louise Lecavalier describes the state she subjects herself to in her new solo Stations. In it, she manoeuvres through four physical states: a fluid one, a controlled one, a meditative and an obsessive one: “I no longer know if these stations are really separate, or if they are simply markers retracing the ups and downs of my life.” Louise Lecavalier, world star of 1980s’ and 1990s’ contemporary dance, the virtuoso miracle of the company La La La Human Steps (e.g. in Sex, New Demons, Salt) and dance partner of David Bowie, is living an eventful life in the truest sense of the word. After separating from La La La Human Steps in 1999, she managed to start a second career, mainly as a soloist. Technically brilliant, she has been experimenting with transgressions ever since. In search of something “more-than-human in humans”, she pushes the object of her investigations, her own body, to the limit.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 60 Minutes

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