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Deen (AT), Haager (AT), Illnar (AT), Kartmann (DE), Kraft (AT), Omer (IL/AT), Schaller (AT), Senk (AT)

Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne

How can dance choreographies that were created in the 1930s, for example, still be danced in the 2020s? With bodies that, after almost a century, are informed, trained and shaped completely differently than those of the dancers back then, when the new was still truly new instead of a remix of blends whose origins are increasingly being superseded? These two evenings prove that it’s possible. Using contemporary artistic means, the bodies of today’s dancers create very different bridges to the history of Viennese Dance Modernism. These extraordinary talents have rescued works by Rosalia Chladek, Gertrud Bodenwieser, Hanna Berger and Gertrud Kraus from oblivion. We owe this journey through time to dance historian Andrea Amort, who curated the highly acclaimed Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne exhibition at Vienna’s Theatermuseum in 2019. The pieces developed as part of that exhibition present encounters with Jeanne d’ArcUrban LuziferTanz. Mit dem StabTotengeleite and Fast ein Wunder.

Duration: 80 Minutes

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