ImPulsTanz 2021

Tamara Alegre (CI/CH), Lydia Östberg Diakité (NO/SE), Nunu Flashdem (UK/CH), Marie Ursin (NO), Célia Lutangu (BE/CH)


To the intricate soundtrack of a club night, FIEBRE departs from a fictional landscape and explores a sensual, gooey material. FIEBRE is a raw, intimate and inceptive space where three dancers progressively explore the possibilities of a viscous and sentimental apparatus. Gliding through trajectories of physical states, erotic togetherness, sexuality, sincereness and lust. FIEBRE intends to imagine other ways of being together for thresholding and transformation. Eroticism becomes a source of empowerment where desire, disgust and alienation are free to coexist and feed each other.

Austrian Premiere
Duration: 55 Minutes

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