Boris Charmatz & César Vayssié (FR)

Les Disparates / Levée

César Vayssié

Les Disparates
In 1999, through the eye of César Vayssié’s camera, Les Disparates became not a “video-dance”, a dance film or a musical comedy, but rather a short film, empirical and intuitive. “Cinema allows the integration of dance into reality, the use of its various forms of expression as the peculiar codes of an ordinary story". Talkies have been around a long time. Les Disparates is a sound film, but without words pronounced. Without dialogue, cinema often retains traces of theatrical vocabulary. It resorts to grimaces to make itself heard. Beyond that, the force of the image, the power of the choice of frame, movement and the multiplied points of view produce meaning.”

Based on Les Disparates, a performance by Dimitri Chamblas and Boris Charmatz.

Boris Charmatz & César Vayssié

A labyrinthine performance, constructed on the basis of an extensive canon of derivative gestures, Levée des Conflits is impossible to recreate in its totality: it is a snapshot of 25 simultaneous gestures that the eye cannot take in with a single glance. Rather than try to capture something of this perceptual experience, César Vayssié opted for an unclassifiable film, something between an abstract bird’s eye view, a documentary, and a genre film. Shot in the Ruhr region, on the “Halde Haniel” mining site — an immense plateau shaped like a spiral — Vayssié’s film propels the dance into an indeterminate zone, somewhere between science fiction and anthropology.

Based on Levée des conflits by Boris Charmatz.

Duration: 22 min & 14 min