Marta Navaridas & Alexander Deutinger

Speaking of Which

[8:tension]2013 © Navaridas & Deutinger

Mysterious reality. Is it possible, after all, that we actually live in a world that is just a simulation designed by computer freaks from the future? Marta Navaridas and Alexander Deutinger sit live on stage, watching their ghost-like alter egos in a video. Formulating a number of absurd questions, they turn to superstitious science, fanatic relativism, paranoid realism and similarly delightful borderline cases. With a dash of wit that bestows the piece with a profound quality. Both artists enjoy the moments between not-having-understood and trying-to-understand: “If our questions weren’t paradox and if we knew what we were doing, then it wouldn’t be research, would it?”

July 11 + 14, 2013 | Schauspielhaus



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