808 Factory
Sunday, 17.7., 22:00
Burgtheater Vestibül

Pengg b2b Supergerne

The young Viennese house and court producer of the Swift Circle is very busy! After some collaborations in Germany appeared his own project called PENGG VOL1 and recorded good success! In addition, prodbypengg leads the Swift Studios from which you will hear a lot in the future! Veli also known as Supergerne, is an Austrian-Turkish producer and visual artist from Vienna. Already in 2011, at the age of 18, he started his first attempts in the Viennese music scene as a DJ in various nightclubs, where his great interest for music production was also awakened. Through inspirations from the hip-hop field like J- Dilla, Madlib or also from electronic dance music like Daft Punk, Kaytranada and Disclosure, he steadily formed his own sound. Since 2016, he has been studying painting with Daniel Richter at the Academy of Fine Arts. He then released his debut EP "Ghost" in March 2020 and has since collaborated with local artists and artists such as Giacomo X, Kadie and Liebcozy.

Bianco Becky

Bianco Becky is one of the most exciting DJs in town. In her sets, she never shies away from crossing boundaries and shows it with a consistently extravagant song selection that lets us travel through multiple genres and their niches. Be it underground rap from Germany or a banging hard style song - Bianco Becky is ready and equipped for anything.

Loco Candy

Loco Candy and his crew "Boloboys" have an affinity for skating, fashion and music. Together they live the crew life and this with a certain ease as you can hear in their music. Of course, not everything is always easy. Everything needs the certain hustle. That's why you can find Loco Candy not only as a rapper on stage, but also as a model and DJ. The latter he proves again and again in Berlin, Vienna and other big cities. His DJ sets are not strictly hip hop but a composition of different bangers that always tell a story and have reference to the city. You can be curious what songs Loco Candy brings this time.


Bianco Becky
Loco Candy

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