Research 2023

Research 2023

© Ouverture – Kaklea, Huynh, Nicolaevsk, Maria

Lenio Kaklea & Andrew Champlin
Certain Dance Circumstance

© Ouverture – Kaklea, Huynh, Nicolaevsk, Maria
Field Project
Week 4, 31.7.–4.8.2023
10:00–16:00 / +Doz

In detail, the research project facilitates bodily experiences that help participants realise the impact that technical expressions could have on their creative process and choreography and vice versa. How might technical, embodied awareness support the conceptual labour involved with creating dance and performance? And how does a choreographic idea challenge our preconceived view of technique and technical knowledge? 

We will explore how to structure a process that makes space for specialised movement vocabulary and specific choreographic ideas and tasks, and work as a group to understand how embodied knowledge might benefit our art. Because capacity is not always dramaturgically at stake, we will keep skill as an open question that guides us from experience to experience in research. When is knowledge non-essential to our project? When could it be more refined? 

Technical development is proposed here as a possibility–a circumstance–an occasion to engage with a level of embodied capacity that might contribute to the vitality of our performance and how it is perceived. Furthermore, we will think of choreography as a set of tools and ideas that structure and challenge our ways of embodying materials and presenting them. Over the course of the week, we exchange discoveries, discuss experiences of learning, witnessing and demonstrating, and embark on making choreographies with our emergent tools.

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Lenio KakleaAndrew Champlin
© Ouverture – Kaklea, Huynh, Nicolaevsk, Maria
© Ouverture – Kaklea, Huynh, Nicolaevsk, Maria
© Ouverture – Kaklea, Huynh, Nicolaevsk, Maria
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