Research 2021

Research 2021

Ian Kaler &  Stéphane Peeps

© Eva Würdiger

Pro Series


The Pro Series title refers to the creative space and potential of standing/moving/living in a difference – as in the place where different practices, skills, knowns and unknowns meet.

The Pro Series is based on our individual and joint practices. Ian will share his approach to presence work and performative agency and build a sense of space and relationality with_in the group. We will talk about the difference between improvising and practicing and the experiencing of sensed time while performing versus witnessing performance within the practice.

Peeps will be sharing his passion for music in relationship to grooving, creativity and set choreography and the links to inspirations outside of the studio or theatre context.

We will intuitively move back and forth in adding layers and directions as we develop this research process together with the participants touching on:

  • Working with different music and on musicality
  • Syncopation and creating new rhythm
  • Body isolations
  • The body as graphic figure and the space as scenery or setting
  • Conceptions of body and space in movement (i.e. working on different levels of uprightness, ways to go to the floor etc.)
  • Set choreographic sections

We aim at facilitating a group process as well as individual feedback to the participants, based on the frame we propose and the interests and questions everyone brings into the workshop. Participants don't need to have a dance background.

Please bring shoes and kneepads and we might ask you to bring regular clothes sometimes to move in (meaning not only training clothes).

Ian Kaler Stéphane Peeps
© Eva Würdiger
© Eva Würdiger
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