Research 2017

Research 2017

Robert Steijn & Ricardo Rubio
You are a complement of the other! (intimate performances - harmonising body energies by dance and touch)

Field Project
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You are a complement of the other! (intimate performances - harmonising body energies by dance and touch)

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The sensitive body, the sensual body, the sexual body, the breathing body, the moving body, the psychedelic body. The body that never gives up, the body that starts to blossom in close proximity of another body. Bodies that are not shy to touch each other deeply, bodies that speak for themselves by moving in unexpected ways and can say things that go far beyond any social convention.

We like to organise dance as a personal ritual for transformation, as an opportunity to get freer in expressing who we are or what we want to become. How is it to make work and dance that radiates the intimacy of being human. Curiosity for the unknown, the undefined, the intangible is important. How to awaken the body energetically without controlling where it could lead to. 

Combining our backgrounds we developed exercises inspired by pre-hispanic rituals in Latin America, scientific texts about the working of the body-mind, mystic texts. We work with rhythm, silence, meditation, the glands, nature elements as earth, the energy of Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent – a well known mythic entity in Latin America.

But most of all, we try to practise tenderness in everything we do, working from the embracing quality of the heart. And we will investigate how to provoke the magic to happen in what we do. Lately we are interested in the alchemistic principles of being together, so we are not looking for similarities in what binds us together but celebrating the differences that attract each other as complements of each other.

The Field Project is for everyone who is interested in personal growth as a performer, artist and human being within a spiritual dimension, that sees the body as bigger than what is inside the shape of the skin.

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