Research 2023

Research 2023

Elisabeth Löffler & Frans Poelstra & Vera Rosner
MellowYellow – Poetry of Difference

© MAD – Collage by Thomas Richter
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excitement of non-aligned duets
We keep it simple: We are talking about duets – any kind of duets.
Ideas, methods and skills start with you. Attention, curiosity and experience are our invitation and gladly available to you.

In this research project we will confront differences between persons, bodies, (dance) styles, ways of thinking, .... We want to deconstruct in-between spaces, perceptively acknowledge the poetry of “that which separates us” and be inspired by it.

Mellow Yellow means time and space for wandering and meandering, and is an invitation to look at things with pleasure. The artists at Mellow Yellow are united by the will to inspire each other and the honest appreciation of difference.

The aim is to work out duets in mixed-abled teams and, in the long term, to expand the teams for the inclusive arts project for schools Mellow Yellow.

Through different scores and methods, you will get to know each other in the group. Duets will crystallise and we will invite them on a journey, seeking ways to identify differences and use these as inspiration for collaborative artistic work.

We will play with the uncertain, make resistance a resource, build scenes and throw them around again, form partnerships with things and people, seek humour in seriousness or vice versa, improvise with limitations and perhaps let our noses explore the floor.

You will constantly have the opportunity to be influenced by each other's dances and ideas. Observation and reflection are on the same level as creation. It is primarily about the process and the will to take risks – maybe it's a failure and that is ok as well. And then, yes, then we celebrate!

The starting point for all duets, are the creative approaches and current interests of the participants. Interested persons with disabilities are explicitly invited.

Research Projects require an application.
Elisabeth, Frans and Vera are asking you, that instead of a movement photo, to send a picture that tells something about you. This can be any kind of picture, not necessarily of yourself.
APPLY NOW via email

Elisabeth LöfflerFrans PoelstraVera Rosner
© Hans Schubert
© Oliver Gross
© TimTom
© Michikazu Matsune
© Thomas Richter